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  • Hot Reads — 2nd copies of popular titles, these books cannot be reserved or renewed. They are available only to those who come into the library to browse, both fiction and non-fiction. 2 week loan period.
  • New Books — books published in last 6 months, includes fiction, non-fiction, biographies and mysteries including Large Print in each category. Everything in this section has received starred reviews, awards, or multiple patron requests. 2 week loan period.
  • Fiction — Hardcover and paperback formats are interfiled here. 3 week loan period.
  • Mystery — We separate our Mystery from regular Fiction. 3 week loan period.
  • Large Print —  items are shelved altogether behind the coffee bar in the new wing. 3 week loan period except for New Large Print which is with other New Books and has a two-week loan period.
  • Non-fiction —these items are in the new wing.  3 week loan period.
  • Biography — these items are in the new wing. 3 week loan period.
  • Graphic Novels — located according to subject matter in juvenile, YA (teen), and adult areas. 3 week loan period.
  • Reference — these items are currently located at the front of the non-fiction section and can be loaned, for 3 weeks.
  • Music CDs — 3 week loan period.
  • CDs — audio books, both fiction and non-fiction. 3 week loan period.
  • Playaways — self-playing digital audio books, both fiction and non-fiction. Currently located over the Mystery section. 3 week loan period.
  • DVDs — feature films, TV series, foreign films, documentaries, musicals, sports/exercise, and travel collections. A limited number of Blu-rays are also included in this collection. 1 week borrow period unless there are 4 or more discs in the package, then a 2 week loan period.
  • In-Demand DVDs — 2nd copies of popular movies, cannot be placed on hold. 3 day loan period.
  • Magazines — newest magazine in each title cannot be borrowed. Older magazines may be borrowed for a 1 week period. These items are in the Periodicals section in the back of the upper level. Click here for a list of magazines we carry.
  • Local Newspapers — these items cannot be borrowed. Newspapers are kept for a few weeks or months only, as space allows. These items are in the Periodicals section.
  • Nooks–We loan Nooks pre-loaded with 150 ebooks for 2 weeks. They may be requested through the catalog or by calling the Library. They must be returned inside our Library only, during our open hours.

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