Library Cards, Borrowing Materials, and Fines

Getting a Library Card

WJML can issue cards to any Montgomery County resident or any person who works in Whitemarsh Township.

You can print out an application ahead of time by clicking on the Library Card Application Form or fill one out in the library. Bring the completed application into the Library, along with a photo ID with your current address or a piece of first-class mail or other confirmation (such as a rental lease, paystub, etc.) of your current address. A photo ID is required for a library application.

Children under 18 must have a parent’s signature on their application. By signing the application, a parent or guardian is accepting responsibility for the child’s material. Please see our Materials Use Policy for further information.

Anyone who is a member of another MCLINC library or who has a blue ACCESS PA sticker on their library card, may use that card at William Jeanes Memorial Library.

Once a year we will ask you to confirm your address and other information. Every three years your card will need to be renewed. All fines must be paid off in order to renew your card, and you must have your card.

If you lose your WJN library card, please notify us and we’ll replace it for free. (And PLEASE ask us if we have it–dropped cards are turned in to our Lost and Found all the time!) If your card is from another MCLINC library, please contact that Library for their lost-card policy.


Borrowing Library Material

You may take out as many items as you like at WJML. Sometimes, we will place limits on items when there is high demand. For instance, we may limit the number of items in a particular subject when there is a school project or over holidays when everyone is looking for a great book about that holiday. See below for other limitations.

Most library material can be borrowed for 3 weeks. There are some exceptions. Please see the list below for details.

Most items can be renewed two times unless they are on hold for someone else or not renewable at all. Non-renewable items are also listed in the below detail.

Once an item is returned, if it belongs to another library, it must be returned to that Library.  We will be happy to place another hold on the item for you, but that item must go back first. If it is our item, particularly if it is a New item, it needs to be on the shelf for a day before you may check it out again, so that other patrons may discover it.

Most books (child, teen, and adult): 3 weeks
New adult books: 2 weeks
Hot Reads-Books: 2 weeks, no renewals

Music CDs: 3 weeks
Spoken word CDs and Children’s Kits with CDs: 3 weeks
Playaways: 3 weeks
Magazines: 1 weeks (current month does not circulate)
DVDs and Blu-Rays: 1 week 
unless they have 3 or more discs in the package, then they are 3 weeks
In-Demand DVDs: 3 days; 1 per card
Video Games: 1 week
Cubbyhole Collection: 3 weeks
Museum Passes: 3 days, no renewals; 1 per family

American Girl Dolls: 2 weeks, no renewals; 1 per card


We know gets hectic and things fall off your radar. One of the best ways to avoid fines is to create a library account online so you can check on all you have out, place holds, create reading lists, and more. Please ask the staff for assistance in setting up and using this account.

In case there is that occasion when you are late returning material, here is what you can expect. Please know that we are always ready to listen and help!

Adult Books: $.30 per day
Children’s Books: $.20 per day
Adult CDs, Audiobooks: $.30/day
Children’s CDs, Audiobooks: $.20/day
DVDs: $1.00/day
Adult Magazines: $.30/day
Children’s Magazines: $.20/day
Cubbyhole Collection: $.50/day
Playaways: $1.00/day
Wii/Xbox/Playstation Video Games: $2.00/day
Grab & Go Bags: $5.00
Museum Passes: $5.00/day ($5.00 fee if returned to another library)
Nook E-readers: $5.00 ($25.00 fee if dropped in the book drop box)

Please ask the Library staff if you would like to learn how to access your account and renew materials online.

At times, a fine may exceed the cost of the item. This reflects the fact that this item was not available to everyone during the time it was out. Your library card application confirms that you are responsible for the overdue fines on all items you check out. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping all of our material circulating and available to everyone.

Paying fines: The Library accepts cash and checks made out to “William Jeanes Library” for overdue fines. At this time we cannot take credit card payments in the Library, but you are welcome to pay via your online account from home.


Replacement Costs

Items that are overdue accrue fines. Items that are long overdue are moved to a status of “Lost” and will be billed for the replacement cost. This price reflects the cost of the item at the time of purchase, as well as our time to catalog  and process it.

If an item that has been declared Lost is found and returned you will only be billed for the overdue fine.

If you believe you can replace the Lost item with a new copy for less cost, please speak with our Circulation Manager first, before you purchase a replacement. There are many factors we have to consider before accepting such a swap–it must be the exact same edition/version of the item, otherwise the Library will incur significant costs in the processing of your item in place of the original. The Library reserves the right to not accept an item you have purchased as a replacement, so please talk to us first! The Circulation Manager is Karen Wilton, her email is, and her phone number is 610-828-0441 ext. 102.


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