Lisa Clancy, MLS —; 610.828.0441 x 108

Adult Services and Reference Librarian
Adam Gilbert-Cole, MLS —; 610.828.0441 x 103

Circulation Manager
Karen Wilton —; 610.828.0441 x 102

Children’s Librarian
Rachel Fecho–; 610.828.0441 x104

Assistant Children’s Librarian
Linda Poland —; 610.828.0441 x112

Teen Librarian
Sara Huff, MLS —; 610.828.0441 x113

Operations and Public Relations Manager
Deborah Moore —; 610.828.0441 x107

Technical Services Manager
Maryanne Luthy —; 610.828.0441 x106

Circulation Desk Assistants 

Suzanne Allen

Tiffany Balcer

Paul Cohen

Doreen Fitzpatrick

Jasmine Griffen

Katy Griffith

Hillary Hunter

Melissa Kalinen

Maryanne Luthy

Kathryn Rath

Samantha Reed