New Catalog Look!

Our catalog looks a little different now!

First, you’ll notice a new look on the main page of the catalog, whether you’re using it in the Library or accessing it from home:

Everything is still there, just brighter and clearer (we hope!)

First, if our library’s name is not at the top of your screen, go to the upper left corner and click the drop down arrow next to “Branch”:

Scoll down the list to “William Jeanes Memorial Library” and click it.

Now you’re ready!

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to Italy, so you search for “Italy” and “travel”:

If our name is at the top of the page, the “Local Availability” will tell you if we own an item. (If it says MCLINC at the top, Local and System will be the same number and indicate how many copies are available throughout MCLINC, but not whether we have it or not.)

PRO TIP: If there are multiple copies in the system, and you just click “Place Request”, you could get anyone’s copy. If you want a specific copy (like ours), see the next step.

See that little box and arrow to the left of the Call Number? That lets you request a specific item, such as our copy of this book.

PRO TIP: If you want a specific travel guide, say the most recent one, take a look at the Call Number. Most libraries put the year in the Call Number, so ordering Travel Books by a specific item request is the best way to get the most current edition.

Other fun/helpful things to know about the new interface:

1) “One Click Request”–Once you log in to request one title, a new button will appear in your next search, giving you the option to click it to order the item with the same arrangement as your previous request. If you choose William Jeanes as your pick-up

for your first request, then hitting “One Click” on your subsequent requests will use the same info–your card, your method of contact, and your pick-up library.


2) Special info about an item–If you search for an item and there’s a flag next to the call number, hover over that for info about the item:

In this case, the letters “PB” pop up, which means this is a paperback book.

Just as in our current catalog, when reviewing requested items in your account, click on the “I” for Information beside any title:

What will pop up is a snapshot of your request: date placed, pick-up location, status of request, etc.:

As with any upgrade, new features will be available to us if we chose to enable them for MCLINC as a whole. We’ll keep you posted!

Of course, if you ever have any questions about the catalog–from searching to requesting–please feel free to ask any of the Library staff or schedule a one-on-one with our Adult Services Library, Adam Gilbert-Cole (610-828-0441 x 103, or


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